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Gaming Creations - Shapez.io

Played some shapez.io demo game.

Personal challenge was to create full belt saturation modules with minimum copy cost. I got as far as to this concepts:

Mixer (400):

Painter (360):

Merger (480):

There are likely more efficient models, thou.

Cannot import it to standalone as there seems to be some kind of error right now...

Second run

Second run on game version 1.2.0 (Wires update)

Some concepts I was using:

Hourglass timer [wiring]:

4 characters 16-segment scrolling display [wiring]:

Cross-grid 8-pixels wide color scrolling display [wiring] [data]:

Video for possible strategy for later game levels:

Game Saves

Game saves are maybe limited to player id and it might be necessary to use editor to make it work.

Text Scrolling.bin
Color Scrolling.bin