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Gaming Creations - Minecraft

Over time I played on multiple Minecraft servers and I often build railroads there...

I also run my own server for a while on domain mc.zdechov.net...

Builds on craftuj.cz

Harbor (around year 2011)

[craftstav-mapa] [craftstav-izometr] [craftstav-pristav] [craftstav-pobrezi] [craftstav-lod] [craftstav-mlyn] [craftstav-majak]

Railroad (around year 2012)

Was build in build-world Goldland and partially in Nether...

[zeleznice_mapa] [zeleznice_most01] [zeleznice_most02] [zeleznice_most03] [zeleznice_most04] [zeleznice_most05] [zeleznice_most06] [zeleznice_most07] [zeleznice_most08] [zeleznice_most09] [zeleznice_most10] [zeleznice_most11] [zeleznice_most12] [zeleznice_tunel01] [zeleznice_tunel02] [zeleznice_tunel03] [zeleznice_tunel04] [zeleznice_tunel05] [zeleznice_tunel06] [zeleznice_tunel07] [zeleznice_tunel08] [zeleznice_zastavka_hotel] [zeleznice_zastavka_mestecko] [zeleznice_zastavka_muzeum] [zeleznice_zastavka_prestup] [nethermetro-stred-1] [nethermetro-stred-2] [nethermetro-stred-3] [nethermetro-stred-4]

RS Display with keyboard (around year 2014)

8-characters 14-segments display with shift-left editing via querty keyboard.

[displej] [displej-dynmapa] [displej-klavesnice] [displej-uvnitr]

RailwayCraft (03/2021-06/2021)

[house] [inside] [workshop] [reactor] [reactor2] [semaphore]

Minor experience with modding

At some point I also experimented with modification of the railcraft mod, to add some more signs...


Result is few addons for railcraft mod: