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Sharp MZ-800 Emulator

I had multiple attempts on creating emulator for 8-bit computer SHARP MZ-800, typically working on GUI side and less on emulation itself, which was typically provided by Zdeněk Adler.

Last unfinished attempt was tried in Java.

Website: sharpmz.zdechov.net/?jmzemu (TODO)

Sources: github.com/hajdam/jmzemu (TODO)


Sharp MZ Emulator for Windows

Version for Windows which was written in Borland Delphi 7 (based on shareware version from Zdeněk Adler, so not available for download):


Sharp MZ Emulator for DOS

Version for MS-DOS written in Borland Pascal using Turbo Vision libraries.

Emulator is written in English. But it also contains file ctimne.txt with description in czech language and it's possible to switch code charset type.

Emulator contains (as of version 1.0 alfa 7):

2000-11-30: Development was terminated.


You can download version in progress. Second file contains sources ctimne.txt (15,7 kB)mzdos007.zipmzdos007src.zip