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I found new job

Posted on Wednesday 18th of July 2007 09:39:44 PM

So, finally I found my first job as a programmer in Magion company

I was ill for three weeks with fever which negatively affected my project's development, my effort to find a job and web pages updating. And I got also really lazy too... ;-)

As a small positive issue I can mention new translation of english subtitles to czech language for 5 episodes of Onegai Twins anime series with cooperation with InTranGroup. I also spare two days for building my "first" AMV, but even this attempt doesn't show much promises.

I visit Brno to turn out of my private room there. Well, and about my first day in the work I mostly studied manuals as I had no computer available, which can cause problems for programming efforts... I hope better for tommorow.

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